Rev. Molly Simpson

Rev. Molly Simpson

Where do you currently preaching?

Keller United Methodist Church

Can you share the links to a couple of your sermons?

What is one sermon you preach?

God’s grace, love, and call is always present. No matter the darkness, there is always Light.

What is another sermon you preach?

Be the church. Welcome people exactly where they are - with hurts, bruises, doubts, and joys. Preach the Good News. Send them out. The life of faith is finding God everywhere and courageously sharing God’s love with all people, in all situations - no matter what.

What is another sermon you preach?

God’s not done with you, me, the church, or the world.

What is the oddest experience you have had while preaching?

During a recent kid’s time, I asked “What do you think of when you think of God?” to which one little boy immediately shouted, “JEEPS!” When he couldn’t explain it, I struggled to connect his answer. We finally left it at his answer being creative just like God is.

Who are preachers that you listen to?

They aren't all preachers in the traditional sense, but I certainly learn from them nonetheless. Nadia Bolz-Weber because she juggles the human condition and her own experiences while remaining focused on the Good News. John Oliver because his ability to create change with his prophetic voice is something we as the church can learn. Brene Brown because her authenticity, vulnerability, intellect, and engagement with hard conversations is something I deeply admire and find vital to following Jesus.


First of all I should be clear on which Rev. Molly Simpson I am talking about because there are two women named Rev. Molly Simpson who live within 20 miles of each other. This Molly Simpson is a native Texan, which you can hear in her voice when she beings to preach on an area of the Christian life that is near to hear heart. The curious thing about Rev. Simpson is that she expressed that she did not feel a strong sense of a call to pulpit preaching until the past year or so. This is not to say that she has not been preaching. You see, the main reason that I think you should listen to Rev. Molly Simpson is because she embodies the spirit of the line often attributed to St. Francis: "Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words." Her apprehension to pulpit preaching is not out of a lack of confidence but (and you can hear this in her sermon "Just because you come to Church doesn't mean you can be a jerk!") out of an awareness of the honor and privilege it is to preach. Her vulnerability while preaching makes her accessible and gives us the listeners a sense that she is just like us. She is not stand off-ish or beyond approach. As you listen to her you may being to hear, as I have, that Rev. Molly Simpson is a preacher of the Gospel in both action and word.