Co-pastor of Keller United Methodist Church in Keller, Texas.

Photo by Neil Jones

Photo by Neil Jones

I feel my call is rooted in a sense of helping cultivate and create the culture known as the Kingdom of God. I hope to help people discover the power we each have given to us by God to be creators and cultivators of God’s culture. My wife, Estee Valendy and I co-pastor Saginaw UMC and we share the joy and privilege of being the parents of our sons, Jude and Evan. 

Enneagram - 8 with 7 wing

StrengthFinders Top 5: Strategic, Ideation, Activator, Connectedness, Input

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Additional Projects:

Imprints - Creator and Curator - Magazine highlighting the clergy publishers and authors in the Central Texas Conference.

First Edition

Second Edition

Third Edition

Be the Change - Creator and Author of an e-book 

EPUB (for reading with Nook or iBooks)

MOBI (for reading with Kindle)

PDF (alternative to EPUB or MOBI)

SermonCraft- Co-creator - Sermon creation, Spiritual formation, Improv class, Continuing education for church leaders. See the following shared folders for more information)

First shared folder

Second shared folder

Third shared Folder

Five Thousand Words - Co-creator - a book summary micro-zine

Fort Worth Dish Out - Co-founder and former board member - a meal-based micro-granting experiment. ( Press coverage in: TCU, Eat This Fort Worth, Fort Worth Foodie Magazine, 360 West, Central Texas Conference)

Idea Store - Co-creator - Art installation to promote idea sharing and questioning idea ownership 

North Texas Academy for Spiritual Formation - Team member - Retreat centered on spiritual formation patterned on the two-year academy.