How to say goodbye

While on vacation I saw a table of three people next to our table who seemed to be good friends. When it was time for one of them to leave they had a goodbye ritual that just captured my attention even provoked me to go ask what it all meant. 


First they hugged so that their heads moved to the right. They told me they lean that way first because "we lead with our hearts." They hold that embrace for as long as it takes to breathe together a single breath. The next step is to hug and breath on the other side. Finally, they would touch foreheads (their third eye) and breathe one more breath together. Finally, they would say "Namasté" which translated as "I bow to you" and depart.

It all took about 20 seconds but it was the most intimate goodbye I have ever witnessed and it made me think about how saying goodbye it really a sacred moment that is often overlooked. 

A hug and saying "goodbye" is about the extent of goodbyes in my life. But what would it look like to reclaim the sacredness of saying goodbye to someone? And how difficult is it in our time to make goodbyes more intimate? 

It was clear to me watching these people say goodbye that they seemed to understand they may not see one another again and so they sealed their time together with a sacred moment. 

Do you have any goodbye rituals?