4 years and still chugging along - Thanks

After taking time away from writing and all things internet related, I come back to write once again on an anniversary.

Today marks the fourth year since I have kept this blog.

On this day in the past I have posted up some of the numbers of this blog (how many read, subscribe, visit, etc.) in order to share with you a sense of how many others are like you. For instance, the average person spends just over one minute and eight-teen seconds on this blog. Which is no Facebook, but the fact that you would spend any amount of time on this little blog is humbling.

Because of your readership, currently I have an Klout score of about a 46. Klout is a new tool that I have just begun to engage in order to assess if I should work to expand. If this score holds for a bit, then I have plans to expand and give away some freebies.

Looking ahead, the next posts will look at:
How to say goodbye
Shrimp and rainbows keeping us humble
Why we need to interrupt people
The greatest expression of freedom
Why passion is not enough for faith

Thank you for reading and commenting and giving me encouragement to continue to try to work out how to be the change.