I have had the hiccups for about thirty days now and needless to say I am tired of having them.

Perhaps you too have had the hiccups for an extended period of time? Perhaps you too have felt like there are a number of things that are going on that keep you from breathing as you normally do. 

The thing about hiccups is that there is little I can do to remedy the situation other than follow some wife's tales which generally involve me choked on water or consuming large amounts of peanut butter. Neither of options are really helpful to help with the hiccups that interrupt life.

Hiccups keep me from writing. When I am not writing then I get distracted. When I am distracted I feel stressed. When I am stressed my chest is restricted and when that happens I get the hiccups.

All I can do it wait and hope for the breath to come again to restore the rhythm I so desperately seek after.

UPDATE* - I received a number of comments about actually having the chest spasms we call the hiccups. Just to be a bit clear, I never had these hiccups. I was too coy with my metaphor I suppose and it lead to believing that I have been plagued with a month worths of spasms. I am talking about feeling like distractions and interruptions are a regular thing the past month and I am ready for this phase to pass.

To those who gave me a good word on my medical condition, thank you. I know in the future I will be well taken care of in the event of chronic chest spams.