Are we Christians really monotheistic? Part 3

If we live our lives thinking there are multiple gods (such as the "god of anger") yet we worship only one God (such as Jesus) then we are not really monotheistic oriented.  Rather we are henotheistic or monolatristic.  

If we Christians are moving in our lives believing there are somethings (or some gods) which are good (say love) and some things(gods) that are bad (say hate) then we are forgetting that God declared all things good.  

If we declare somethings good and somethings bad then we will live out our lives attempting to remove the bad while seek after the good.  So we begin to worship the "good" gods and demonize the "bad" gods.  

Again, not a posture of monotheism.  

While practical and popular, the question, "Is this good or bad?" is not a question for Christian monotheism.  We already know the answer.  All things are good as declared by God.  

If we are asking if something is good or bad then we are really, at our core, practicing something other than monotheism of Christianity.  

Christian monotheism rather accepts that all things are created by one God and that one God called all things good.  As such we do not waste time considering if something is bad and therefore should be avoided or good and therefore should be attained.  The question Christian monotheism asks is, "Is this redeemed or does it need to be redeemed?"  

This question changes our posture in the world.  

If we think that hate is bad and should be avoided then we are forgetting that Christian monotheism calls us to hate things like slavery and injustice.  If we think that drug use is bad then we will avoid it as well as those who are victims of drugs.  Rather if we see drug use as something that needs to be redeemed then we will sit with and seek out help for those who are addicts.  

If we live in a world of good and bad then we will not engage the bad parts of the world and therefore the world does not change.  Additionally, when we think something is bad we deny the power that is inherent in that thing (such as the power of hating injustice).  

Rather, if we live in a world that is redeemed or in need of redemption then we will enter into the dark places of the world and work for change.  Additionally, when we see something as in need of redemption then we are able to utilize the inherent power in that thing in order to help redeem it.  Can you imagine a world that is so full of hate of slavery that no one would allow anyone to become enslaved in human trafficking?  

So, I join all my Christian brothers and sisters who claim monotheism to change from asking, "Is this good or bad?" to "Is this redeemed or in need or redemption?".

Somethings are difficult to redeem. :)