Are we Christians really monotheistic? Part 2

The previous post just briefly pointed out that when one thinks there are other gods in the world then monotheism is called into question.  Additionally, it was pointed out, that many of us live as though we do think there are other gods in the world (such as the god of pride or the god the money), and as such perhaps many of us Christians operate not out of montheism but out of henotheism or monolatry.

When we orient our lives around the idea that there are other gods in the world, then we can quickly judge these different gods as either good or bad.

The god of love - good.
The god of  hate - bad.
The god of pride - bad.
The god of peace - good.

Once we have judged for ourselves that which is good and that which is bad, we then desire to live our lives out of desiring the good while avoiding the bad.

The little hiccup in our plan however is that as a Christian we understand that God made all things and called them good.  So how then can we go though life calling bad what God called good?

Even Jesus did not like being called good when he was identified as a "good teacher".

When we go through life judging for ourselves what is good and what is bad we can find ourselves building a bubble around our lives, insulating us from reality.

We begin to see some people as good and others as bad.  We begin to see some ideas as good and some as bad.

When we create a good/bad world (dualism) then we can find ourselves no longer able or willing to help transform the world.

Why would I want to hang out with the "bad" people or read about the "bad" ideas or practice "bad" habits?

When we live in a world which we proclaim good and bad on things which God has called Good, then we live in a world which is not oriented toward monotheism.

The next post if the final of this installment and will (hopefully) be the answer to the question, "so what?"