Meaning of why I cross myself

Much like when people make the sign of the cross when they enter worship or receive communion, I have a ritual.  While most people do not care about my ritual, I have been asked by several people what it means.

The point of this post is not to share my ritual but to use my ritual as an invitation to others to share their rituals.

After a prayer, I will take my left thumb and use my nail to make a small cross on my forehead. Then I will kiss my left hand ring finger.  Finally I will take my left hand thumb and left hand middle finger and place them on my eyebrows and push my fingers toward the outside edge of my eyebrows.  My fingers follow the outside of my face and meet again at my chin.

This ritual as grown for me over time, but this is why I do what I do.

I cross my forehead as a reminder to me that it is my hope that the first thing that people see in me is Christ.

I kiss my ring finger in order to remind me of all the love and support from people who have brought me thus far.

I 'swipe' my eyes in as a prayer that God might remove the scales from my eyes and I can see the world as Christ sees the world.

That is it.

What rituals do you do?  Why do you do them?