Hello my name is Jason and I am addicted...

I believe that it would be a good thing for all Christians to admit to the world what Church really is.

We are, in part, a support group or people addicted to violence.

There are a number of responses to a situation, but for most people, a real response is a violent response.  We are caught up in scapegoating and sacrificing people for the "betterment of the whole" or even for the sake of "justice".  But really, it is all a facade.

Humanity is addicted to violence.  All of us.

Some of us are not great at controlling our addition.  Some of us are.

It has been shared in his autobiography that Gandhi  beat  his young wife.  Even the one whom we might most associate with non-violence, was addicted to violence.  He found ways to control his addiction, ans so must we.

This is why I attend church.  I identify that I have an addition to violence and am seeking ways to deal with and address my addition.

I do not beat my wife or child, but I do scapegoat people when I am caught up in the mob.  I am rather violent toward earth's resources by just the way I live my life.

It is seen as having a weakness if you need a support group or an accountability group here in the West.  It goes against the self-made person myth, but I do not care.  We all need help with this addiction.

Hello.  My name is Jason and I am addicted to violence.