The sermon is not the word of God, but that is not how worship is set up

If you have ever walked into a protestant church then you may have seen the pulpit.  In fact one of the most impressive pulpits I have ever seen was in St. George's UMC church in Philadelphia.  I did see a pulpit that looks similar to this pulpit to the left.

The pulpit is where the sermon happens.  It is where the "action" happens.  Even Joel Osteen's pulpit is impressive.  

Pulpits are larger because that is where the "Word is proclaimed".  It has been my experience however that Scripture is not always read from the pulpit, but from the lectern (which might look like the one on the right).  

Regardless of where the sermon is preached or where the Scripture is read, no one walks out of Church and critiques the reading of Scripture.  Most people are talking about the sermon.  

The sermon is the meat of the protestant worship.  That is where most of the time is devoted to in the worship time.  Sermon is the center of the worship.  

The over emphasis on the sermon has gotten to the point of idolatry of the sermon.  

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The sermon is an interpretation of Scripture, it is not Scripture.  The sermon is an expression of the Word of God, it is not the Word of God.

We need to stop with the worship of the sermon and reclaim the centrality of Scripture.  

With Scripture as the focus and the center it keeps God at the center of the worship hour and not the preacher.