It is 99% official that it is over...

The first step in ordination in the UMC is to read a little book called "Christian as Minister".  After that there are many other steps that one must take to become ordained in the UMC.  

Some roll their eyes at the length of the ordination process (for a frame of how long it took me, I read Christian as Minister when I was 17 years old and I am now 28.)  

Some are appalled that a Masters of Divinity is an 80+ hour masters program which is on par with a Ph.D in terms of course work.  

Some are working to change the ordination process for the better.  

Some are glad the process is taken seriously with real discernment by all those involved.  

Some dread the paperwork that we have to do while others dread the interviews and still others are intimidated by both.  

Today, at 8:30am, I was interviewed by a team on the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) of the Central Texas Conference as a candidate for Elder in Full connection in June.  

I am delighted to share with anyone who will listen that I was approved for ordination in the UMC this June.  

There is still one more vote that happens in June in which all the clergy of the conference (that is a large geographic region comprised of over 300 churches) must approve the candidates that the BOM recommends for ordination.  (It has been my experience that I have never heard of anyone being rejected by the conference after the BOM recommends them, so I could be the first.)

So, baring some unprecedented action by the conference, come June I can add "ordained" to my facebook profile.  

The journey continues.