Maybe God is a pancake...

My wife and I were driving and we drove past a very faded billboard.  We drove by in silence and after about seven seconds I stated out loud, "What was on that billboard?"

Estee replied, "I was thinking the same thing! I think it was a bunch of burning candles."

"Weird, I thought it was crabs legs dipped in melted butter."

We both were flabbergasted at what the heck that sign was, but we drove on.

We exited the highway and realized that we would have to double back just a bit in order to get to the restaurant we wanted to grab lunch at. After lunch, we got back on the highway only to see that billboard again.

We slowed down a bit and just as we were about to pass the billboard for the second time, Estee and I shouted out at the same time "PANCAKES!".

It was a billboard for an IHOP and there was just a large stack of pancakes. We were initially way off and we did feel better after we figured out that it was neither lobster or candles but pancakes, but I could not help but think about my Christian faith.

I find myself in conversations with people who tell me what they think God is like and I tell them what I think God is like. We each are dependent upon our own senses, reason, logic, experience and the like in order to share our thoughts on God.

But really, everyone may just be initially way off on our thoughts on God.

Just as I was convinced that the billboard had lobster on it, I am convinced God is a certain way. I am convinced God does not desire anyone to be killed or harmed. I am convinced God cares less about sexual orientation and more about mutual loving and respecting relationships. I am convinced God cares less about creeds and more about loving justice and humility. I am convinced God is less concerned about progressive or conservative and more concerned about peace and reconciliation.

And just as my wife was convinced that the billboard had candles on it, others are convinced God is something else than what I think God is.

But maybe, just maybe, we all are wrong and God is more like pancakes and less like lobster and candles.