Do you embrace sainthood?

In the preaching moment today there was a kernel of an idea expressed that we each tend to shy away from being called a saint. We Christians, at least the circles I run in, are quick to point out that we are all sinners, not saints. There is a strong connection to humanity and sinfulness not sainthood.

I guess I wonder why we embrace sinner-hood and resist sainthood?

I know everyone is a sinner.  But is that all we are?  A sinner?

I am a father to a 2 year old, but I am more than a father.  I am also a son and a husband among other things.

You and I were created and God called us very good according to the Biblical narrative.  And while we are each sinner we are also more than just a sinner.  We are more than the worse thing we have done.  We are more than just a sinner, perhaps we are also saints.

When I embrace my 'sinner-ness' I find that I excuse my actions rather quickly.  I say things like, "Oh well, I should have not done that but what do you expect of me I am just a sinner."


I find that when I accept the lowest common denominator in my life, I regress to that denominator rather than expecting myself to mature up.  What if instead of excusing my actions/behavior as just actions of a sinner, I demanded the saintly call in my life to take precedent?  Would I be different if I saw myself as a saint called by God instead of primary a sinner fallen from grace?