I am going to stop thinking outside the box

Over the past several weeks the phrase, "we need to think outside the box" has been used more than I can count. These conversations have always been exciting insomuch that new ideas sometimes come from these conversations. I mean who does not like to brainstorm and think creativity?

Well, I am tired of it and I think I am going to quit.

There are too many meetings and conversations where "outside the box thinking" remains locked within the confines of the meeting/conversation. New and innovative ideas surface during the conversations but noting ever seems to happen that would be considered "outside the box" by even the most loose definition of that phrase.

Instead of thinking outside the box, I am going to try to act outside the box. And I invite you to join me.

Anyone can create new and innovative ideas, but they are just that - cool concepts or thoughts. What I am inviting myself and anyone who would like to join me, is to ACT upon these ideas that are deemed "outside the box".

Thinking outside the box is a very safe practice disguised as risky or cutting edge. Shenanigan on that. That would be like going streaking but actually wearing a three piece suit as you run through the quad. It is 'risk wrapped in safety'.

So, while it is impossible to give up thinking (regardless of your location to "the box") I am asking myself and others to take up "acting outside the box".

Beware, this might be "outside the box".