Generational gap???

Over the past several weeks I have encountered people who share with me issues that are near and dear to them. I understand that we all have different passions and callings and we all have different things that give us energy. However, I read something the other day which made me think.

The author shared that he overheard a conversation about ordination of practicing homosexual. One of the two people in the conversation which the author overheard said, “That’s your generation’s issue. We’re way past this.”

That struck me as an ‘ah-ha’ moment. This might be at the heart of several conversations I have had with the people who have shared their passionate issues. So, I began to think about some of the issues which I do not perceive as issues to my generation but seem to be issues to other generations. Then I began to think of issues of my generation.

These are very broad and not scientific, but I add these thoughts to the conversation.

“Your generation” issues:


Universal Truth

Hell/Heaven Dichotomy (soul sorting)

Liberal/Conservative (Red/Blue)

Community as face to face time

Women in ministry


“My generation” issues:



Fair Trade


Health Care

Rebuilding things



Global Village creation