Will someone be in charge other than me...

I recently was in a meeting which one person after the meeting said, "Will someone be in charge other than me? I have been in charge for several years and I am tired."

Another person instantly said, "YES! I would love to be in charge! I have some ideas on what to do and a change in direction. I will take this off your hands."

To which the original person said, "Well.... what do you mean new direction?"

I walked away and slapped my head.

In the church leadership I always hear, "we need young leadership" or "I have been doing this too long, it is time for a young person to take their turn." And yet, we are offended when the new/young person wants to do things differently than what the long time leader did.

Church, we cannot have it both ways. We cannot desire young/new leadership AND desire these new leaders to keep the status quo.

We cannot expect new wine to not bust old wineskin.