I spoke with a good friend of mine, Kyle, and he talked me off the edge today in regards to a great frustration that I have.

Over the past several days I have become frustrated at what I can only describe as a lack of urgency in the church I serve (both local and regional). This is not a knock on the people of the church but I find I am beat down sometimes by some aspects of the church culture - what I perceive as a lack of urgency.

After talking a bit with others I think my sense of urgency is deeply rooted in my lack of friends my age involved in the church. I thank God for Kyle to help me see this.

As I look to the older leadership of the church they have a lot of friends in the church. They have other ministers and even friends whom they have been in ministry with for years. They are around the same age or they have kids who share the same youth group. The older leadership of the church seems to have a lot of friends within the church.

I do not.

I have watched more and more of my peers become de-churched and are not coming back to the church. I have seen youth involved in youth programs and leadership in the youth programs, but then move out of the youth group only to find the church is not doing much for that age group. The resources are lacking.

And so, over time, most of my peers have left the church. I have few friends within the church. I have more friends my age who are outside the church, and the latter group grows by the week.

I wonder if my frustration with church work is rooted in this concept.

Would you "do" church differently if you gave your life to the church only to find there was no one your age?

Would you have a sense of urgency?

I pray for a spirit of urgency (not panic or stress or anxiety) in the lives of church leaders.