God's 'acountabili-buddy'

Recently I was in a group and the question was asked, "Why does God want a chosen people? Why does God want a people to be set apart and chosen in the Biblical narrative?"

I do not know the answer to that, however I wonder if God does not want a people, but, God needs a people.

When the flood in the story of Noah happened God put a bow in the clouds and said that each time that bow appears God will be reminded of the covenant God made with Noah. The bow becomes a reminder to God. The rainbow becomes an accountability partner to God, reminding God of the promise God made.

I wonder if God needs a people in order to help keep God accountable to the promises God makes? I know we do not like to think God needs anything, but even that is a human idea about God and falls short of the reality of God.

Perhaps God needs a people to hold God accountable to the promises God made to creation. When God looks at you and I, God is reminded of the love God bestowed upon creation. We hold God accountable to God's promises.

Just like God holds us accountable to our promises to God. When we look toward God we are reminded of our parts of the covenant and promises. We are reminded that we are to love the other and seek reconciliation. When we look at God we are kept accountable to the promises we have made.

It is stated that the only hands God has is ours. The only eyes God has is ours. The only feet God has is ours. If God needs us to do the work of God, then why would not God need an accountabili-buddy?