Could the problem with Sunday worship be that it begins our week?

I have been taught throughout my life that there is no better way to begin your week than to begin it with worship.

Getting your priorities in perspective
Focus on God
Take time to quite your minds
Give your first fruits to God

All of these, and others, have been used to describe why worship on Sunday is a wonderful way to begin our week and it should be that way.

However I wonder if this mentality has also contributed to the decline of Sunday worship.

If this is the way we need to start our week, then it is easy to see how worship is for the individual. That is, worship is a way to enhance the life of the individual because it sets the week off in a certain way for the individual. We are told that when we preach we should preach so that we are excited about life and energized to go out into the world and make it better. All of this lends itself to view Sunday worship as an internal and individual practice.

But what if Sunday worship was not see exclusively as the beginning of our week, but the culmination of our week. That is what if Sunday worship was framed as a place where we come together and share where we saw God in the previous weeks workings on the Kingdom of God? What if we could not wait to get to Sunday worship and share with others where we saw God the previous week? What if we could not wait to get to Sunday worship and discover where others saw God moving in the previous week?

What if Sunday worship was a culmination of our week?

The story says God created the world in 6 days and then on the last day, the day when work was done, the day the work culminated, God observed Sabbath.

If Sabbath for God is practiced at the end of the week and celebrated as the culmination of the work done, why wouldn't we?

What if Sunday worship was the culmination of our week?