It is official, I am totally into myself

Google has created an application which is designed for E-commerce and the egos of bloggers everywhere: Goggle Analytics.

You install this into your web page and it will track loads of information about your site.

How many hits you average in a day? Goggle Analytics knows.
What is the average time spent by others on your site? Goggle Analytics knows.
How many people are first time visitors? Goggle Analytics knows.
How many are 26-50 time visitors? Goggle Analytics knows.
Where in the world was the computer which accessed your site? Goggle Analytics knows.

Goggle Analytics knows a lot of information and gives you a daily report so you can feed your marketing department or personal ego.

I have installed Google Analytics two weeks ago.

My ego is full.

Here are some of the things I have discovered since April 20th:

142 - visits
225 - pages viewed
56 Seconds - average time spent per visit
40% - visitors only visited one time
11% - visitors visited between 9-14 times
10% - visitors visited between 15-25 times
3 - International visits from Clydebank, United Kingdom
115% - personal increase in nerdiness and self-centeredness

So now that I am international I will be throwing in some local jargon just to make those across the pond more comfortable.

So Google Analytics is Dog's bollocks for this bloke.