Is Heaven only for the health and wealthy?

I cannot what I was reading but the argument goes something like this:

Many (if not most) religious traditions view life as a cycle of some sort. When our ancient Hebrew Mothers and Fathers viewed the afterlife, there was no such place as a heaven. Rather there was Sheol, a place where all the dead went to. Not heaven, not hell, just Sheol.

Around the world there is a belief in reincarnation. That is we are born and die and then are reborn into another body in an endless cycle of rebirth. Enlightenment comes when we are able to break this cycle of rebirth.

There are many other beliefs as to afterlife, but the kicker is many, if not most views throughout time and culture, have viewed life as something to escape. That is life is something to break out of in order to reach a higher state of being.

Not until recently, as I come to understand it, did the idea of an afterlife described as essentially as "earth life PLUS". That is the after life will be just like this life, PLUS past family, friends, happiness, and all the joys of this life but way better. Or on the flip side, the afterlife is just like this life PLUS pain, suffering, burning, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

What I was reading the other day asked the question, why is it that we have an idea of the afterlife of being like this life PLUS, while the vast majority of people throughout time have seen this life as something we need to escape from?

Could it be because we are too connected to our health and wealth and hate the idea of being in an afterlife without such stuff?

The Pyramids of Egypt house the bodies of kings with all their things, he was thinking the afterlife was this life "PLUS". While the common people looked to escape the cruel and brutal life. The idea of a Sheol was more peaceful and desirable than an afterlife "PLUS".

So I ask, is Heaven only for the those who are actually healthy and wealthy? Is afterlife "PLUS" for those who have bought into a current life which places faith in the worldly/material possessions and people? Is a Sheol afterlife view for those who have faith in the non-material?

I am not sure if this makes sense or not?