Breathing Continued...

A few posts ago I mentioned the spirituality of breathing, specifically the differences in the breathing of humans verses the breathing of God. After further reflection on this metaphor, I am really embracing this image. So to expand the metaphor a bit more...

It is vital that we take air into our lungs. As noted early, this air could be understood in the Christian sense as wind or spirit. Thus we can only live if we take in the breath/wind/spirit of God. But here is the kicker not only is taking breath into our lungs vital for our survival, but we have to exhale that breath/wind/spirit out to "complete" the breathing process.

To speak metaphorically, we can only live if we take in AND let go of the spirit of God.

Additionally, it is impossible for each of us to hold air in our lung forever. Likewise, it is impossible for humanity to hold on to God for any length of time.

Just as our lives area like breaths, so to are our understandings and experiences with God. Fleeting, whisper breaths.

And so I encourage you to continue to find metaphors which are rich in your life. Build on them, develop them and share them, you never know when your exhale will be your neighbors next breath of life.