Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?

Walking by Jack in the Box today and I was struck by the level of creativity of Jack in the Box. Now I am a bit partial to the Box because I used to work there and I still love the grease tacos they have.

There was a sign posted in the window advertising "Taco Nachos". Think about that for a second. Taco Nachos. Aren't those just "Nachos"?

I called my brother and we both recalled Jim Gaffigan's bit about how all Mexican food is "Tortilla, cheese, meat or vegetables."

Finally, my brother said, "If you add lettuce to the 'Taco Nacho' you can call it 'Taco Nacho Salad'."

I suppose you could.

Kudos to you Jack in the Box for marketing the same crap food in new ways so idiots like me will buy it.

Begin to watch at 1:27