Popping my bubble

The past three days I have been immersed in mid-terms for school, and I have come to realize something.

I have been so immersed in my own life and my own little world that I have been oblivious to much of the world around me. Paying attention to the world around me is where I get 99% of what I post about, and when I am in my own bubble, I am without inspiration.

What I am concerned about is if these past three days for me are a microcosm of our greater culture (I know that is a bit arrogant to claim but I already have confessed my own messiah complex).

If we all are moving toward a more individualized culture choosing to live in our bubble and not being aware of other people's bubbles, will the world ever change?

I was at a stop light and saw a fella with ear buds listening to his Ipod. When the light turned green he did not move, unaware of the light change until it was yellow. He and the care behind him were the only ones to get through the light.

I was at Chipotle and the guy in front of me was into his Blackberry that when it was his 'turn' to order he was totally unresponsive while the line out the door was trying to get a quick lunch on their lunch hour.

I put my nose in several books looking for responses to mid-term questions and became unaware of my surroundings. I just found out about Jessie Logan, the Chinese/American naval stand off, and President Obama's reversal of former President Bush's stance on Stem Cell research.

What else have I been unaware of? What opportunities have I missed to serve, love and share grace these past few days?

I gotta pop my bubble.