Feeling VERY churchy for two days

I went with a few people (Darrel Carver, Raul, Nancy and Jim Allen) from the church to "Unity Park" yesterday as part of a pilot program of the TACC (Tarrant Area Community of Churches). The program is designed to break down stereotypes of what a "homeless person" is. So we were invited to talk with and listen to the homeless at Unity Park and then we all walked the three or so blocks of East Lancaster to see what agencies are there to help and what is needed.

Today the youth went to church on the Slab, which is a church for the homeless by the homeless on a literal "slab" of concrete under I35. Not as much conversation happens at the Slab as I would like, but there is a great amount of food and clothing distributed, so it 'feels' like you make a tangible difference right away. It is a good thing, although it is only a band-aid to the deep wounds of the community at the slab.

Walking over 8,000 steps yesterday (I know this thanks to a fancy new pedometer the central Texas conference health insurance has "give" to me to use this year) and then working one on one at the slab makes me feel not only closer to Jesus and God but closer to my own call. I know that as of now I cannot move to East Lancaster and walk the streets doing church with the homeless of Fort Worth (I cannot do this for a number of reasons most of which are self imposed thus proving that I am the rich man walking away from Jesus because I am very wealthy). However, I can find opportunities which I can camouflage as "paid work" but really is relationship building with the pushed out, the homeless and the hopeless.

Today is a good day... I want more of it.