Better ways to understand church talk...

Part of the 'language' of my calling sounds really technical. What I have come to appreciate of some of the theologians I have read is their attempts to give a down to earth definition of some of the technical languages. There are two definitions which I have encountered over the last couple of months which I want to remember.

Theology - "God Talk" (Phylis Tickle) Which is great because everyone can talk about God therefore everyone is a theologian.

Liturgy - "Talking to God without getting killed" (Paraphrase of Annie Dillard) This is reminds me of the power of God and how, when I really think about it, when I really encounter God I become scared. For instance, when I really read the words of Jesus (lets say the Sermon on the Plain in Luke), I really become scared because, well lets face it, I am part of the cursed group. And so, "the set pieces of liturgy are certain words which people have successfully addressed to God without their getting killed." I am not too clear on this I know but I do not want to forget it.