YA Summit observations

The Fall Summit of the CTC in 2008, focused on young adult ministry. I met D.G. Hollums who is a "Cultural Architect at Th3 Waters" in Kentucky. He was a fascinating fella and I learned a lot from him. I cannot begin to type all that I learned but I know that his influence in my life (for the day it was) will shape my future. He has several blogs (the one to the left is his) and several podcasts (they guy podcast and praxis podcast are the ones I am most interested by). He and his Sr. minister, Gary, told me that if I had to read one book I should read:

The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21 Century Church by Michael Frost

So I want to read that (I think that I added that to my goodreads book list, as well as organic church, and if the Buddha dated).

In another line on this summit, I ran across some quotes from people:

"I think altar calls are crazy. Asking people to come to the front and give their life to Jesus in one moment. I have never had a single relationship begin that way in my whole life."

"We live in a world of best guesses and not yets."

"For the word of God among us. For the Word of God within us. Thanks be to God."

"Third places are thin places"