Spiritual Entrepreneur

Spiritual: of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit

Entrepreneur: one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise

David Kinnamon spoke at the Fall Summit this past Saturday and he spoke very well. Of the many things which he brought up was the idea of we need to be and allow others to be "Spiritual Entrepreneurs". That is we need to allow people to imagine ways of doing ministry in their context. The great and scary thing about being a spiritual entrepreneur is the energy that is involved with it. There is so much energy which goes into creating something and that energy is exciting and can inspire others to also become passionate. The scary side of this energy is the amount of work it takes and how it forces each of us to be involved in growing. If I am growing a business I would need to know not only my product but also marketing, advertising, sales, taxes, employment, etc. So if I am going to be a spiritual entrepreneur, I need to know not only things about Jesus but also Buddha, Bible, MLK, politics, history, etc.

If I am going to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur then I must be willing to study and go into areas which are not just about theology.

The problem is I have a limited time and energy. This means that I really need other people to teach me and show me other areas which I do not (but need to) know about. Dialogue, conversation, and relationships must become the center of what I am doing as a minister if I really want to be the best spiritual entrepreneur.