RNC speaches

I have to be honest, I really was pulling for the Republican ticket. When Barack spoke last week I was excited to listen to him talk of the great ideals he holds to. I was excited to listen to "my guy". What I did not anticipate was how powerful the speech was for me. When Barack echoed MLK's speech "the urgency of now" it became very real to me that we actually could see MLK's dream move closer to reality. (I also know that having a black president does not mean racism is gone). With that in my mind and my heart primed for social change, I was already on the edge of my seat for just one line to lift me up off my chair and into the air shouting for joy at the possible reality of a woman in the oval office. The problem was, I was not lifted up at all. In fact it became very real to me just how jaded I am with the GOP.

The diversity at the DNC seemed to represent the diversity of America:

Per the DNC, of the 4,400 delegates
Minority delegates: 44%
Black delegates: 24%
Hispanic delegates: 12%
*Women slightly outnumber men for first time in convention history

While the representation at the RNC was shameful:

RNC Demographics, of 2,380
Black Delegates: 1.5% (36 people)
Hispanic Delegates: 5%
Male Delegates: 68%
Female Delegates: 32%

It is also important to note that in 2004, the percentage of black RNC delegates was 6.7% -- a total of 167 delegates. They lost 130 over four years.

Note: Unlike the DNC, the RNC does not release its delegate breakdown, which is why alternative sources were relied upon for. Sources: Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies; CBS/NY Times Poll

I just feel like I find so much wrong with the GOP that I could never vote the ticket this election. How can a party advocate for free choice with our personal income (thus want lower taxes) but then advocate for restrictions when it comes to allowing people the right to choose if they want to have an abortion? I am pro life but that comes from my religious convictions (just as I am pro prayer or pro soccer) but I also respect the rights of others to make their own choice in this matter. Personally I am pro life but I chose to be pro life and I do not feel that it would be right to say everyone has to be pro life (I do not think it is right to say everyone has to be Christian as well) Now if tax dollars go to supporting abortions I may have an issue with that (just as I have issues with tax dollars going to support war). In the same vein if tax dollars go to supporting a national health care system, then I would also support laws which have support from the health department (such as mandatory seat belts or restrictions on the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to prevent addiction).

If you are pro life then I hope that you are pro life in all respects which includes, but is not limted to: war, captial punishment, enviromental protection, gun laws, FRD regulations, as well as abortion. If you want to be pro life then be pro life, do not be anti-abortion.