Republican National Convention

I am watching the RNC and becoming more and more angry with the Republicans each day. I know these people mean well (well, most of them do) but I just feel they are misguided with their policies. I feel there are so many more inconsistencies with the McCain ticket. They advocate equality for all but then are not open to equality for possible "threats to security". I cannot see how "justice for all" can be for all, except for some people. I also cannot understand how Palin can say that she would outlaw abortions even in the case of rape but then say that her daughter chose to keep her child. If Palin has her way then even her own daughter would not have the choice to keep the child, it would be made by the government. How can you advocate for smaller government but then at the same time say you will make policy decisions which make the government bigger?

Why can the Republicans support and be happy for Lieberman at their convention but be argue that John Kerry was a flip flopper? Lieberman 'flipped' over to an entirely differently party.