The Bible is Full of Failure on Purpose

Rev. Amy Lippoldt opened worship at the South Central Jurisdictional (SCJ) Conference with a story from Deuteronomy. The main idea she articulated was tat the early people of God was to admit that their father (Jacob) was a wondering Aramean. This is important to remember not only because it reminds us of our roots, but also because it articulates a unique aspect of the Bible. 

When we read the histories of different nations, states, empires, and cultures we will find how these entities succeeded. Military victories, building accomplishments and economic achievements litter the tombs of the great civilizations of the past and present. However, the Bible is one of the few people in time that chronicles their story with stories of failure.

What does it mean to have a sacred book that reminds people of the failures and mistakes? What does it mean to pull a people together not under the banner of might and power and success but under the banner of weakness, powerlessness and flops? 

Are we a people that are willing to integrate and even, dare I say, celebrate the failures of our lives?