Life is a journey, unless you are at #UMCGC. Then it is all about destinations.

Many people have adopted the Emerson quote "Life is a journey, not a destination" as their life mantra. It is something that gives inspiration and hope when things are tough. It can remind one that while things may not turn out as one would hope, just going the journey is the point. 

This mantra is applied at all ages and stages of life. I remind myself and teach it to my children. Looking at all the images with this quote on the internet, I imagine I am not alone in my appreciation of this mantra. Many value and appreciate it.

Until General Conference of the United Methodist Church.

There are many who are disappointed, angry, frustration and dishearten about the amount of work that is not being done. It is as though arrival at the General Conference we are more interested in destination and forget about the "goodness" of the journey. Destination is paramount. Slogging through the process of crafting or voting on legislation is met with disgust and dismay. The journey is valued less. 

Perhaps I am too naive, but I continue to believe that life is a journey. And if life is a journey then is death a destination?