#UMC Delegates and Olympic Athletes

There is a level of health that is required to be an athlete at the Olympics. Events are different and each event requires, at times, a different skill set. While weight lifters and swimmers both qualify for the Olympics, you don't assign the weight lifter to swim the 100 backstroke or ask the swimmer to lift weights over her head. It is obvious. While one qualifies to the Olympics, each skill set for the events are different. 

The UMC meets every four years, and much like the Olympics, there are many people who qualify to attend. It is worth asking, what are the skill sets that may be needed for an individual attending the General Conference?

Depending upon your specific role at the GC, you may need a different set of skills. Bishops need to be good at facilitation. Various observers need to be good researchers. Delegates need to be thoughtful. And, similar to the Olympics, there are things that are universal to all participants. In the Olympics, physical fitness may be a universal skill to be an Olympic athlete. In the GC, spiritual fitness seems to be a universal skill. 

If you are ever in a position to vote for delegates to the GC, I would submit that the primary requirement be one of spiritual fitness. Asking questions like: Is this person patient? Is this person kind? Is this person self aware and can they self reflect? Can this person self differentiate between issues and personal attacks and not see them as one in the same? Can this person keep their 'snark' in check? Can this person listen with their heart?

Just like the physically fit are most successful at the Olympics likewise, the people who are the most helpful and insightful at this GC are people who are spiritually fit.