*SPECIAL EDITION* Preacher of the Month - October

October is "Pastor Appreciation Month". I am not sure the history as to how or why this came to be but I also don't know why April is "National Welding Month" and the fourth week in August is "Be Kind to Humankind Week". 

In the spirit of this month and the spirit of Preacher of the Month, I thought it would be interesting to extend an invitation to you to highlight your own preacher this month. 

Here is how it works.

Get with your preacher and ask them if you could interview them. If you would like, feel free to use some of the same questions I have been asking other preachers:

  • What is one sermon you preach?
  • What is another sermon you preach?
  • What is another sermon you preach?
  • What is the oddest experience you have had while preaching?
  • Who are preachers that you listen to?

Of course you always can generate your own questions. Perhaps you want to know more about their style, so ask them if they are inductive or deductive preachers (then ask them what the difference is!). Perhaps you want to know where they get their stories or inspiration? Perhaps you would like to hear about their spiritual life, how they pray or what they read or how they practice the disciplines. 

At some point I would then suggest that you share with your preacher two or three specific things that you have found helpful or good about their preaching ministry. Avoid general comments like, "I just love your sermons" or 'You really make me think." Share things that you have found to be the most helpful and transformative for you. Trust me when I say that this sort of feedback is the most helpful form of feedback you can share with many preachers.

Be aware - Preachers feel uncomfortable talking about themselves. It is part of the reason we preach, so we can talk about God and not talk about ourselves. So when they try conversational judo on you to get you to talk, don't let them off the hook. Preachers often are more comfortable hearing criticism than praise, so just be patient with your preacher.

Take some time. Take the month. Share a word of Grace to those who try their best to share a word of Grace.