Why you may be falling asleep when you meditate

I am not a meditation expert by any definition. I do practice, but with two kids and a full church and a white knuckle grasp on a dream of being a professional soccer player/stand up comic, I do not take the time to meditate as much as I hope to. I have hear a number of Christians talk about their inability to meditate and I hope this little post will help you in your desire to meditate.

First of all, if you are a Christian remember that when it comes to meditation. Sometimes we forget that when we meditate and look to other sources to guide our meditation, many of which teach that meditation is about clearing your mind. While these sources have been helpful for many, if you embrace the Christian narrative then you may have a difficult time with this because the Christian narrative is first and foremost an embodied religion. It is a religion that states God constantly comes to us. We were given the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide and remind all the Christ taught. We are a people who believe that God became flesh in Jesus of Nazareth and will come again (whatever that looks like). 

If you believe God is constantly coming to us, then you might find it counter productive to try to be a blank slate and banish thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts you have are not necessarily bad or distractions. To the Christian thoughts and feelings are possible vessels of God's grace and guidance. The list of things to do that floats into your mind may be a distraction, but it also could be that God is using that list to remind you to slow down. The Christian meditation is one that engages those thoughts differently than just by banishing them.  The Christian might be best served by acknowledging the thoughts but then moving on. 

I invite you to try this form of meditation. Imagine that you are sitting on a rock in a river. As thoughts or feelings come to you treat them like leaves floating on the water's surface. You see them but they do not capture your attention - they float on by. There will be some that float right into you as you sit there and you may find that you are covered in a few leaves. That is okay. Pick each one up, examine it, see if there is any writing from God on that leaf. If not, put it back down on the water and let it float on downstream. If there is residue of the divine, then make note of it. There may be some leaves that are larger or more interesting to look at, take the time you need but know that when you stand up to walk out of the river of your meditation you are saturated with Living Water.

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