Spinning Around in Order to be Still

Last week I heard Erin Hawkins (The General Secretary of the General Commission of Race Relations for the UMC) speak. One of the things she shared was her time learning a prayer practice of "turning". The Sufi prayer practice of turning (you may have seen "Whirling Dervishes") is deeply symbolic and there is a lot going on in the practice.  

The one thing she pointed out was the practice is to be an example how to be "fixed and focused" in a world that is constantly spinning.

It is a beautiful metaphor and one that is often missing or overlooked in Christian churches. How do you practice being fixed and focused on God in Christ through the Spirit while the world spends all around? It is easy to be focused and fixed on retreat or on Sunday morning but what about in the stress and turmoil of the most chaotic spinning? 

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