Did You Know Fear is an Acronym?

Rev. Rudy Rasmus shared that fear is what is at the core of the problem in the Church. This is not news to many of us. What was helpful to me, and perhaps to you as well, was a reminder that fear really might be seen as - False Evidence Appearing Real.

Who knew FEAR could be an acronym?* Maybe it is well know, but it is new to me.

What is the false evidence appearing real in your life? The Church seems to see the rapid of church attendance as equating to the death of Christianity. I would say this is FEAR. Christianity lives as long as Christ lives.

Some see the natural disasters and the rumors of war and the violence as proof that the world is going to hell. I would say this is FEAR. The world has always been headed toward a marriage with the heavens.

* I also am very aware that there is the other definition of fear that is emotion based. When I see a wall of water coming toward me to drown me the fear I feel is not false evidence appearing to be real. It is a real wave. Perhaps this is what makes fear so difficult of an emotion to deal with. It is difficult to see what is real and what is posing as real.