Something this pastor never needs to hear

I hear a great number of things that break my heart. I hear all the same things that life has to say with it's mix of joy and sorrow. Like everyone, there are things that I cannot avoid hearing. And like everyone, I am as inconsistent with my ability to respond to these things. However this is at least one thing that I never need to hear:

"I know you are busy but..."

Let me be clear it is not the "but" that is the problem. It is the assumption that I am too busy for a relationship. 

Here is the thing, I am not the only pastor that never needs to hear this. Many of us are called to be people who are available. It is the reason we engage in spiritual practices so that we can be available to God. We try to discipline our lives so that we can be available for anyone who comes by to talk. We trust that we will have enough time to do the things that are most important. We trust that God will perfect the work that we have left undone.