Imprints - Clergy making an imprint on God's world through publishing

In the book Culture Making: Rediscovering Our Creative Calling, Andy Crouch makes the argument that the only way to change culture is to make more culture to give options for people. So if you don't like something, like a movie or a book or a tradition or whatever, instead of critiquing or condemning it, if you really want to change things you have to cultivate and create new cultural options. (Thus another reason I like the idea that we have to be the change we wish to see in the world. We have to do the work of cultivating and creating in the world rather than consuming, copying, critiquing and condemning.)

Yes,  Imprints  looks like the  Five Thousand Words  Publication (see the "About" page for more info about  Five Thousand Words.)

Yes, Imprints looks like the Five Thousand Words Publication (see the "About" page for more info about Five Thousand Words.)

I have created a magazine that I call Imprints with this in mind. 

Imprints is a magazine that will be a curated collection of the published works of the clergy of the Central Texas Conference. It is a single source that people can see what "imprint" the clergy of my conference are making in the wider Christian conversation. It is my hope that this resource might help us in the CTC build relationships of mutual support and respect. We need to be a clergy group that is willing to share the work of our peers in order to build one another up. And what is good for the clergy for the CTC is good for the CTC.

Bottom line, I believe in the work of my clergy peers and feel like what they contribute is worth everyone taking a look at. There is some amazing work out there and you may not know about it just because you happen to live in Fort Worth and don't know the people in Waco. 

Take a look a Imprints here or on the top menu bar. As a new edition comes out I will post so that you can read/see it. 

If you subscribe to this blog you just got a free magazine subscription. Thank you Central Texas Conference clergy for your imprint on God's world.