Secularism filling in holes in religion

Alain de Botton gave a TEDTalk called Atheism 2.0 and I commented just briefly on why you should see this talk just over a year ago. 

If you have not seen this talk, or if you do not remember what this talk is about, Botton has the thesis that the world is secularizing poorly and that secularism has holes in it. He goes on to argue that, of all sources, religion provides models for the secular world on filling in these holes. 

Imagine that. A secularist is looking at religion to help fill in the holes of the secular worldview. This is fantastic because he understands that every worldview has holes in it - including religious worldviews. Botton's humility to reach across the chasm (that has been created by fundamentalists on both sides) and incorporate some things from the "other" side is what we need more of. 

My question to us religious folk, can we do the same thing? Are we humble enough to recognize the holes in our worldview and look to models in secularism to fill in these holes? 

The next post (or 2) I will submit some thoughts. Leave some comments if you have anything to add!