Stuff you should know and why - pt. 5

Atheism 2.0 - TED Talk by Alain de Botton

Here is why you should know this - A/Theism both need to evolve from conversations about proving or not proving there is a deity to conversations about how to change the world. 

For all the things that the Church has messed up, the Church has also done a great amount of good throughout history and the world. Atheist groups can and should use the systems that religion has perfected over time (evolution if you will) to promote the Good.  

Pay attention to what this guy is saying, there are things that Religion does that no other institution does with the same depth and breadth of religion. It is unfortunate that the Christian religion in my world has been reduced to just a set of moral values and it takes an atheist to stand up and say there is more to life than what we believe. 

We should value art and beauty and time and repetition and public speaking and ritual and asking for help.

Atheism 2.0 is not for me but I can get on board with Theism 2.0