Reading Be the Change saves lives - really.

Back in 2013 I shared about CentUp, and how it was a way to practice generosity with, literally, cents. 

And today, on my 32nd birthday, I am pleased to announce that Be the Change has been approved as a publisher for CentUp!

Look for this button at the bottom of posts across the interwebs!

Look for this button at the bottom of posts across the interwebs!

This means that if you see a post that you like, you can push the "centup" button at the bottom of the post and share some of your pennies. (In order to do this you will have to set up an account with centup but that takes 2.5 minutes. PLUS if you see the centup button anywhere else on the web, like on the Second City Comedy Network, you can donate to that content as well!)

This little button allows people who make the content that you read, watch, and enjoy to keep making the content without having to put ads up all over the place. Plus you can use your "cents" to vote up content as well. There is nothing like telling a content creators, "hey make more of stuff like this!" when you throw a quarter their way. 

So, how does all this save lives? 

When you donate to Be the Change, 1/2 of all donations go directly to Love 146

The Mission and VIsion of Love 146 is: "The abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less."

And so, I deeply encourage you to create a Centup account, share the love with content producers around the internet, practice generosity, and help save lives.