CentUp - A way to practice generosity

You know how there are those "share" buttons around the internet? You can post something to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Pintrest, etc. with just a push of a button. (for instance you can share this post!)

Here is the thing, many people who create internet content do not want to have ads all over their stuff. Additionally, ads are based on the idea of selling you something.

CentUp is another model for generating money that is based on your generosity and not trying to convince you to buy something you don't want. And it is fully funded!!! 

From their fundraising website:

What is CentUp?

CentUp is an intentionally simple button that lives next to all kinds of web content. It lets people toss a few cents at blog posts, photos, videos, and songs they really love. The kicker? Half that money goes to charity.

That is it! Do you see how awesome this is and can be!

Imagine a button, next to the "share buttons", that allows you to give a direct contribution to the creator of the content. Oh, and in case you missed it, half of the donation you make goes to charity.

So, be among the first to give a buck to the development of this tool to better the internet and contribute to the demise of those "wonderful ads" we all love...