Car accidents and the Bible

You know when there is a police report of a car accident and the two people involved have conflicting stories of what happened? In an accident report with two people there are really four stories going on:

  • Person A's story about Person B
  • Person A's story about themselves
  • Person B's story about Person A
  • Person B's story about themselves

Could this also be true about the Bible? 

The idea being that there are two subjects in the Bible - God and humans. As such there are four main narratives going on in the Bible: 

  • God's story about humans
  • God's story about God
  • Human's story about humans
  • Human's story about God

I wonder what it would be like if a police report was turned in after sitting in our churches. You have these four stories about the two parties and just how different they might very well be. 

(I know it is lame and incomplete, but all police reports are incomplete.)

And, I am afraid to say, just like in a police report we are more apt to believe our story is more true than the story of the other person. 

We live in a world that needs Good News. We live in a time that needs to hear God's story. We live in a time that has long been too dependent upon the partial truth of the human perspective.

Can we begin to take into consideration the story of God as a credible witness?