Stuff you should know and why - Pt. 1

The next several posts are dedicated to the stuff that has come out recently and that I want to recommend to everyone to encounter. 

I know that I can "Facebook" this stuff out and give you a direct link to the article with some silly comment attached to it. However, these articles and videos are too important for you to just see the link and clink on it when you have time (or there is no one posting some funny pictures on Facebook that you would rather look at). 

Which is why I will share the link to the article and the write why I think everyone should know it. Close readers will be able to pick up not only why I think you should know this stuff but also where I stand on the matter. 

So the first article I want to share is The rise of the Religious Left by Jonathan Merritt.

The reason I think you should know this is that the religious right's voice is becoming diminishing while the religious left's voice is growing. Some see this as a threat and others see this as progress while others do not have an opinion. Regardless of where you stand, the data suggests that the voice of Christianity for the first thirty years of the millennial generation may be all together different over the next thirty years.