Questions I want to ask but don't

Are we reading the same Bible?  

Are we working toward the same goal or not?  

Do we trust this church leadership? 

How can we die to self and give all that we are to God if we are unwilling to change something as simple as music selection in worship? 

Do we really take "love your neighbor" seriously?  

Do we think that God's thoughts and our thoughts are the same every time?

Do we really think we understand Jesus?  

Are we aware that many clergy think of quitting being clergy often? 

What is the point of all this church thing anyway?  

Why do we give things to the church that we no longer want but think that someone else would want? 

Why don't we confess our sins? I mean really confess?

Do we really think that God is there to serve us?  

Why does our side have to always win?  

How can one person hijack the whole system? 

How is it that everyone seems to know how to do my job better than I do? 

Where is grace?  

Do we care more about fairness than about forgiveness?  

Why do I have to just "take it" while someone can say the most hurtful things to me? 

Why don't I just say this?