Acting like Batman is why we need the Church

In his amazing book, Insurrection, Peter Rollins writes:

The problem, however, lies in the fact that Bruce Wayne is too invested in his crime-fighting antics. For he often seems to get his meaning from actually engaging in a direct way with crime, doing what he does not because he is interested in transforming Gotham City, but because he wants to feel the pleasure of taking revenge. If this is indeed the case, then Bruce Wayne needs the criminals in order to experience the cathartic release of directly attacking them. 

And so, Batman is accused of doing 'good' not for the betterment of the whole, but for primarily for personal need. 

We do a number of things in our lives that are framed as good for the whole but in fact are

primarily for fulfilling personal need. For instance: Giving a can good to the food bank or paying for the order behind you in the drive-thru.

These are not "bad" actions but they do not lead to the transformation of our Gotham Cities.

Which is why we need the institution of the Church. 

Yes, the Church is not perfect in her efforts (but neither are individuals) to transform the world. But it is the only way that I know of which a critical mass of people gather together and pray, act and give for reasons that are beyond personal need.

If I were to just give to that which I find to be 'worthy of my money and time' then am I not just acting like Batman who defeats criminals but never eradicates crime?

The United Methodist Church is set up in a way that when we give we do support a personal need, namely the upkeep of the building which is the 'home-base' for the relationships that I need. Additionally the offering also supports those things which I may not have ever given money to because it does not directly fulfill a personal need. 

I am just taking financial contributions as one example in which the Church moves us to consider the needs beyond the personal.And when we get beyond seeking personal needs then we will discover that we will no longer need Batman