Joke or Prophetic - you tell me

I have heard Peter Rollins share a joke in a couple of places the past month or so and thought that I would share it here. You let me know if this is a joke or a prophetic comment or both/neither.

A guy was in an accident that left him stranded on an island alone for 20 years. One day a plane flew overhead and saw the man, and so it landed to rescue him.

The man was grateful to be rescued but before they left the island to return home, there was great interest to see how this man lived for 20 years alone on an island. So the man gave a tour.

As they all came into a clearing there were three dwellings.

"What is this building?"

"Oh, this is where I live. I built it just after arrival here and have developed a system for running water and cooking."

"That is incredible. Can you tell us about this second building."

"That is my church. Every Sunday I attend worship to sing, pray and have communion with the saints. it is the place that has encouraged in my time here and I could not have made it without it."

"That is beautiful to hear. Can you tell us about this last building?"

"That building? I would rather not talk about it. It is too painful to talk about and is something that I would rather just forget about."

"Ah, come on. Tell us about that building."

"Well, you see, that is where I used to go to church."