Rev. Kyland Dobbins

Rev. Kyland Dobbins

Rev. Kyland Dobbins

Where do you currently preach?
St. Stephen United Methodist Church

Can you share the links to a couple of your sermons?
You can find my most recent sermons here

What is one sermon you preach?
My (and our) inadequacies but it's God through Christ who makes us more that adequate.

What is another sermon you preach?
How our actions are a witness to the world and the world is always watching us.

What is another sermon you preach?
God's grace and love, and our response to it.

What is the oddest experience you have had while preaching?
An odd and somewhat negative experience I had was when someone got so disturbed (because I touched a personal wound) that they stood up, walked out of the sanctuary, and slammed doors behind them.

Who are preachers that you listen to?
Howard John Wesley
Ralph West
E. Dewey Smith
Andy Stanley
T.D. Jakes


One of the great things that Kyland Dobbins is doing in his pulpit ministry is connecting it to the other aspects of his ministry. For instance he will have a bible or a book study during the week with his local church and he will then write newsletter articles on that study and then he will preach on that study on Sunday. While this may seem logical and perhaps commonplace, many preachers hesitate this approach out of fear of not creating enough compelling content. Kyland is able to mine source material and his own embedded theology to create compelling content in all mediums. Kyland has an ability to weave in the broader work of the UMC with the work of his local community. As an art form, Kyland's preaching style seems influenced by a drum beat that begins at a quite steady pace only to end in a faster and more passionate tempo. Finally, it seems to me that part of Kyland's connection with the congregation is his emphasis on both personal testimony and practical theology - both of which draw me to hear more.