Rev. Joseph Nader

Rev. Joseph Nader and family

Rev. Joseph Nader and family

Where do you currently preach?
UTA Wesley Foundation

Can you share the links to a couple of your sermons?
Are We One of the Twelve or a Sent One?
The "E" Word

What is one sermon you preach?
I preach a lot about preparing the next generation of leaders.

What is another sermon you preach?
The importance of relying on the Holy Spirit

What is another sermon you preach?
The importance of the work of discipleship.

What is the oddest experience you have had while preaching?
The oddest experience I have had was preaching in a normal sized sanctuary to 5 people sitting sparsely around. I also had a crazy experience where I was a guest preacher and had to lead the singing of the hymns...with a CD player playing the music.

Who are preachers that you listen to?
Dr. Ellsworth Kalas
J.D. Walt


There is a story in the bible where the prophet Elijah passes his leadership mantle to his successor, Elisha. It is an iconic story of how the "old guard" gracefully stepped aside while the "young blood" humbly moved into greater leadership. The Church has not always been known as a place where leadership transitions so smoothly. Joseph Nader is a voice that is helping the United Methodist Church learn again how to transition leadership more like Elijah/Elisha and less like Caesar/Senate. You will also hear in Joseph's voice a strong desire to help people grow deeper roots so that as we mature into adulthood we can draw from the living waters of Christ. Perhaps because Joseph is in a college context and he is surrounded by students all the time, but perhaps it is just in his nature, but Joseph is teacher/preacher. You will not only be inspired but, you might just learn something also.

Rev. Joseph Nader Preaching The "E" Word